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The new “Einblick”, the magazine of Technopark Zurich, was published on October 20. This time, everything in the magazine revolves around the topic of health. The cover features Jill Allemang, CEO of Smartwatchers, a manufacturer of smart solutions for connecting older people with their families and doctors. In the interview, she explains how digital products help people to age gracefully. The latest issue also presents Akina’s virtual physiotherapy sessions, Medicalholodeck’s augmented reality operating theater and GNL’s innovative shoe. The issue concludes with a selection of almost unknown places behind the scenes of the Technopark.

Once again, science communications researched and wrote all the texts for Technopark Zurich and coordinated the photography and design of the magazine. In our opinion, the result is something to be proud of!

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Stefan Schena, VR-Präsident der Centris AG


Stefan Schena is taking over as chairman of the board of directors of Swiss IT service provider Centris AG. The change follows the resignation of Michael Rindlisbacher, who will end his 35-year term this year. Schena, who has already been a member of the board of directors since 2014, will consistently continue the company’s strategy shaped by his predecessor.
Read more in the media release we wrote and distributed for Centris.

Medieninformation Partnerschaft Centris und Adcubum

New texts for the Centris website

Centris, the Solothurn-based provider of IT solutions for Swiss health and accident insurers, recently gave its website a new look. The appearance is modern and tidy, and the range of services is presented clearly. READ MORE

“Meet the CRS team” – Developer portraits for recruiting collaborators

Not only companies today are faced with the question: How do I find suitable and skilled IT employees? Open source projects that rely on the work of volunteers have the same problem. One example is the Core Rule Set (CRS) project, which is working on a comprehensive rule set for the ModSecurity web application firewall under the umbrella of the open source organization OWASP.READ MORE

Medieninformation Partnerschaft Centris und Adcubum

Centris and Adcubum deepen their cooperation

The Solothurn-based IT service provider Centris is deepening its partnership with the standard software manufacturer Adcubum. Together, the two companies want to consolidate and expand Centris’ Swiss Health Platform.


About shoes, socks, and sensors

24 billion pairs of shoes were produced in 2020, the global shoe market is 400 billion dollars annually. For the development of new footwear, shoe manufacturers want to learn as much as possible about the condition of the foot in the shoe. READ MORE

Marco Hutter, Branco Weiss Alumnus

Marco Hutter: Robots to go

In the last ten years, robots have experienced an extreme boost in terms of autonomy – in other words they can move freely. One of the world’s leading pioneersREAD MORE

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