Surgical operations with augmented reality

Medicalholodeck gives doctors a detailed and fully three-dimensional view of the patient’s body with the help of VR glasses. To do this, patient data from devices such as computer tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is imported into the Medicalholodeck platform. This allows surgeons and medical students to virtually immerse themselves in the human anatomy and prepare for and follow up on personalized interventions. The platform is shaping medical imaging and collaboration worldwide.

Medical expertise and visual finesse

Medicalholodeck combines visual finesse, technological know-how and medical expertise to provide physicians with a platform, applications, interactive tutorials, high-resolution 3D medical representations or case studies. With Medicalholodeck, doctors can plan and perform surgical procedures in a fully immersive digital 3D environment. Surgical procedures can also be analyzed and discussed afterwards with colleagues around the world in a 3D environment or used later as case studies in teaching.

One of the decisive factors in the development of Medicalholodeck was that good anatomical knowledge and a spatial representation of the surgical field in the patient’s body are essential for doctors. Two-dimensional representations only help to a limited extent. Virtual and augmented reality, on the other hand, enable a better spatial representation of the respective body, for example when preparing for surgery or during medical training. Medicalholodeck only announced the availability of its platform for AR in June 2023. Medicalholodeck has been embraced by medical professionals worldwide.

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