Wasserstoff-LKW Retralog Schweizer Post

A hydrogen truck from RETRALOG AG drives on Swiss roads for Swiss Post

RETRALOG AG, which provides national parcel and letter transport services between the Swiss Post’s logistics centers, put an emission-free 36-ton truck into operation on December 31, 2020. The Hyundai Xcient Fuel Cell truck is in constant service with Swiss Post and is used for transport between the national logistics centers. Individual vehicles of this type have been in use in Switzerland since October 2020. Public hydrogen filling stations already exist in Zofingen and St. Gallen – five more are to follow soon. The range of the truck is approx. 400 km, which is sufficient for national freight transport. Thomas J. Ernst, Head of Transport at the Post’s Logistics Services says: “We are delighted that our partner RETRALOG AG offers emission-free transport from the very first moment. Switzerland is playing a pioneering role internationally in the use of hydrogen technology – which helps Swiss Post to support its ambitious goals in improving sustainability.”

Media release (PDF, in German)